The biggest jackpot ever for UK players on

Online casino is making history of online gaming, by offering an enormous winning price of £ 8,888,888. The jackpot is offered to UK players of 888, who will try their luck on the new video slot Pirates Millions. Players can win money that will no doubt change the winner’s life, all without having to make any deposit as all players are offered 3 FREE spins on this new exciting game.

This offer is only available to UK residents, and has been widely advertised on television. Cuurently the spot can be viewed on ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and Channel Five, encouraging British players to try this slot, with an unique opportunity to win the record jackpot, the largest in history of online casino.

“Television is a powerful way to reach our audience and we think that Dom Joly is ideal for communicating Pirates Millions messages”, announced Itai Pazner, Chief Operator at 888. The commercial shows the famous comedian Dom Joly, with a snorkel to protect it from drowning in a pool full of money after hitting the Million Pirates Jackpot.

888 is well known for its unique ads. Last year, the TV celebrity Vic Reeves was featuring in an advertisement for 888Ladies bingo. Dressed in drag, he promoted the brand in a spot that becomes an instant success in the world of television.

So try your luck and hit the Millions Pirates Jackpot by visiting As a new member, you will also receive an amazing welcome package worth £800.

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