Paddy Power Poker revamps C*A*S*H VIP program

Paddy Power Poker has revamped, upgraded, improved, enhanced and plain old spruced up the C*A*S*H VIP program! It is now easier to Earn Paddy points, climb the ranks, earn BIG cash bonuses.

We’ve now got BIGGER BONUSES than ever before with General’s receiving a minimum of $500 with UNLIMITED ADDITIONAL BONUSES. Captains, Majors and Colonels will all benefit from lower qualifying criteria and faster accumulation of points, as well as an increase in the monthly cash bonuses on offer!

As for the top dogs among you, not only is it easier to reach General level, but now all players who reach this highest rank in the Paddy Power Poker army can avail of an UNLIMITED CASH BONUS!

That’s right, in addition to receiving a $500 monthly cash bonus, each General will receive $100 bonus dollars in exchange for every additional 12,000 PADDY POINTS generated in excess of the monthly qualifying criteria of 60,000 PADDY POINTS, with no limit on the size of the bonus a General can earn per month.

For more info, visit PADDY POWER POKER !

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