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Another Banker bites The Dust

This week, midwife Sarah L outsmarted the Deal or No Deal banker to open an iconic red box stuffed with over £70,000 in instant cash! Jackpotjoy gave Sarah some time to scream down her house, before getting her on the phone to find out what was going through her head.

“I had always thought I’d choose ‘Deal’ if the chance ever came. It was a £50 offer or the box. When I saw that it had £70,000 inside, I thought ? have I really won that? I told my friend how much I?d won and she thought I was having a laugh!?

Sarah’s win is no joke, and as she started to realise the impact that the amount of cash will have on her, plans are starting to flood in as to some of the things she’ll buy, and the people that’ll be hearing some very good news too.

“It was almost unreal. When it’s online, it doesn’t seem like it’s actually happening. It’s just wonderful! I’ll buy the other half and myself a new car each, and I’ll probably give the rest away to family members. I’m going to share the happiness around!”

Massive Diamond Bonanza Win

Jackpotjoy‘s ever popular Diamond Bonanza Slots game has just been won at £25,062 by Gwen L. Here’s what she had to say about the significant win which will be a great use on the many rainy days ahead of us this spring.

“I couldn’t believe it really. I’ve been playing since January 2004 and won over £8,000 before, but this is incredible. I plan to help the family out and I’ll be spoiling the grandchildren. There are lots of home improvements to come too!”

Why not try following in Gwen’s footsteps by playing Diamond Bonanza now at Jackpotjoy. There’s loads to be won and the Jackpots getting bigger with every second!

Another Price that’s Right

Antony N is the latest member to get lucky on our fantastic online version of the world’s greatest TV show, The Price Is Right. Antony grabbed £14,763 playing The Price Is Right Bingo and as to be expected, is feeling great.

“My wife was playing at the time. I was in the other room with the kids. I thought she’d won just £67 when I first checked. She was running around like a lunatic. We’re planning to fix the garden up as it got damaged in the recent storm. I think I’ll get my wife driving lessons and also buy a car. My Sister-In-Law won some cash not just long ago too, so it’s a lucky Leap Year all round!”

£11,604 won on Bullion Bonanza

Gail D’s just won the very tidy sum of £11,604 playing on Jackpotjoy’s classic Slots game Bullion Bonanza. Ecstatic with her win, she told us how it happened, and what new prize she?s eyeing up next.

“It was fabulous. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even watching the screen when it happened. I was busy reading Chat Magazine and then looked up at my balance with shock! I’ve not got big plans for the money yet, but I’m after the Tycoon’s Treasure Jackpot. Then I’ll start thinking about the big dream holiday. That said, I’m scared of flying!”

Jackpotjoy is also famous as being one of the most popular bingo room, and for offering some of the top slots available online. And as you have just read, you can WIN BIG at JACKPOTJOY !!!

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