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Gaming is Good – It’s Official.

A senior figure in mathematics has suggested that activities associated with gambling should be introduced into schools to make the teaching of the subject more relevant and improve pupils’ numerical skills.

Professor Alastair Gillespie, chairman of the Scottish Mathematical Council, believes that tasks such as tossing coins, rolling dice, and playing cards would capture the attention of pupils and help them learn the basics of maths. He stated, “There are classic problems with probability that would be more easily understood if some gambling activities were deployed. Probability is to do with calculating the likelihood of something happening.”

Gillespie argues that young people would be less likely to gamble, whether on a lottery or fruit machine, if they better understood the odds stacked against them. “Young people are the engines of tomorrow’s economy and the providers of future public services. They must be equipped with the skills necessary for the modern world. Math is about problem-solving, and almost each facet of modern life (especially economics) demands a basic understanding of the subject.”

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