Online bingo on the rise

By Graham Clifford

Last year online bingo firms in the UK raked in £650 million from online bingo players and that figure is expected to rise again this year with the continued growth in online bingo. which is 888’s online bingo site, was largely attributed for accounting for 888’s big £9 million increase in profits from the first to second quarter of 2008.

This is just one of a host of online bingo websites which are now available to UK players. There are now hundreds of bingo websites to choose from in the UK compared with just four years ago when there were less than twenty.

The UK boasts the biggest online bingo market but other countries have also seen the female-dominated game catch on. Internet bingo is expected to be developed in more and more countries as the online bingo craze goes global. Spain is currently the fastest growing online bingo market in Europe.

New sites then offer bigger and better promotions with increasing cash jackpots and other prizes. In an increasingly competitive market the online bingo providers are coming up with new and innovative ways of giving themselves the edge over rivals.

Television advertising has grown to accommodate this new market with several leading online bingo operators advertising their websites on the box.

These include’s advert with comedian Vic Reeves and Foxy Bingo’s award winning popular adverts featuring the Foxy character.

Foxy Bingo also sponsor ITV’s daytime programme The Jeremy Kyle show. Foxy Bingo were rewarded with their advertising campaign by winning “Best Marketing Campaign” at the Bullet Business Awards in June. The firm were also rewarded with the coveted title of “Bingo Operator of the Year”.

In such a lucrative industry even a small piece of the online bingo pie is worth millions and so the standard of sites available to British players is second to none in the world.

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