Roulette Playing Rules

The objective of the game of roulette is to guess where the ball may land on the wheel during every spin. Simple but the risk is high but the return is higher, a little bit of luck will go a long way in roulette. At any given time a roulette table has an average of eight players and each one is playing against the house.

The croupier (dealer) spins the roulette wheel, handles bets, and pays out winners. Most roulette wheels consists of 37 slots with numbers one to 36 and single zero. US casinos have 38 slots with numbers one to 36, single zero, and double zero.
When a player sits at a roulette table they’ll be able to buy-in their cash chips for colored chips. This will prevent bets getting mixed up and at the end of a player’s session they can exchange the colored chips for cash chips.

For a land based casino players can bet before the roulette wheel is spun or until the croupier announces “no more bets”. At that time no more bets can be placed or moved at the table or a player forfeits their bet. An online casino will only allow players to place a bet before the wheel is spun.

Once the roulette wheel has stopped spinning a marker will be placed on the winning number. The croupier will clear all losing bets first and then pays-out all winning bets. When the marker is removed from the table, a new round begins and new bets can be placed.

Generally, there is a 2.7% house advantage for single zero roulette games and a 5.3% house advantage for double zero roulette games.
The following payouts are offered at most roulette casino or online casino games: (1) Straight bet – 35:1 (2) Split bet – 17:1 (3) Street bet – 11:1 (4) Corner bet – 8:1 (5) Six-number bet – 5:1 (6) Dozen and Column bets – 2:1 (7) Odd-Even and Red-Black bets – 1:1

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