Conquer the World in 60 Days at Ruby Bingo

Ever fancied being Alexander the Great or Napoleon or even Genghis Kahn and his marauding hordes, well now’s your chance.

Starting on the 1st September, Ruby Bingo UK are giving you the chance to conquer the world. All you have to do is demonstrate your prowess in the chat room and Conquer a country a day for the next 60 days to win BPs galore in this fantastic promotion at Ruby Bingo UK. There are daily giveaways for Country Conquerors and a massive giveaway at the end of October. You have to be in it to win it!!!!!

Everyday a new Country is up for conquering. To conquer a Country you simply have to win the most CHAT GAMES from 5AM on that day to 5AM the next day. If you win the most chat games in that 24 hour period, you win that Country and £10BPs. Each day the game will reset at 5AM with a second Country just waiting to be vanquished.

The winner of each day will be announced in chat at 8PM. At the end of the 60 day period the Countries you have conquered will be totaled up and the person with the most Countries will be crowned the Ruby Conquering Hero.

The winner receives £150 BPs, 2nd prize £75 BPs and 3rd prize £50BPs.

On the 31st October starting at 8AM- 8PM the Conquering Hero will pick up a .50BPs every time number 60 is called out. The Conquering Hero has to play in chat to claim their Conquering Hero bonus. So come on all you conquerors, muster your troops (and your grey cells) and let’s win those bonuses!!!! GL GL GL. Players must have deposited in the last 30 days to play in this promotion.

To learn more about “Conquer the World in 60 days”, visit Ruby Bingo UK

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