Traditional 90 Ball Bingo

While the number of online bingo players continues to grow every week, many traditional bingo gamers are unsure about making the move online. However, the fact is that internet bingo has something to offer everyone, and many reason to try it out…

Make Friends with Online Bingo

While online bingo doesn’t have the immediate social vibe associated with taking a trip to an offline gaming venue, the internet is well know for its powers of social networking – and it’s used to great effect with bingo. Initially, all the leading bingo venues are dedicated ‘bingo hosts’ – the hosts are employed by the bingo sites to help gamers get maximum enjoyment from their sessions, and they’re guaranteed to make you feel part of the ‘community’. As an added bonus, you’ll also find a range of free to play games, typically offering quizzes and a range of ways to pocket some free cash while having fun.

If you’re a social creature, make sure you link up with a bingo site that has a forum – it’s the perfect way to make some online buddies and pick up some bingo tips. Once you’re familiar with some of the players, you can look out for them and take part in the same games.

Bingo at your fingertips

While hitting a genuine bingo parlour can be a fun night out, online bingo lets you have the ultimate night in – and the games are literally at you ‘fingertips’ – you just need to click to play. Of course, with games starting approximately every 6 minutes, you have the choice of playing bingo whenever you like – be it before work or in the middle of the night!

Economic Bingo

Bingo is always fun, but by playing online you can also game for hours with a small budget. You can enter many games from as little as 5 pence, and still grab a nice payout with the traditional 1 Line, 2 Line and Full House payouts.

Instant gaming in minutes

If you’re afraid to play online bingo for fear of technology, there’s no need to worry – in fact, once you sign-up, you’ll soon see online bingo is a real breeze. You can get gaming by simply following a few ‘click here’ instructions and providing some personal details (all protected by the latest security technology).

What’s even more attractive about online bingo is the range of advanced features that you’ll never find offline. Many people’s favourite is ‘auto-daub’, which puts your card marking on auto-pilot – so sit back with a nice drink and put your feet up and just enjoy all the action.

Online bingo’s super fast gaming is guaranteed to give you all the fun of traditional bingo, with some exclusive features only available on the web.

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