‘Chips were flying’ says Tony G

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‘I over reacted and chips were flying but there were no chips flying at the dealer’s face’, said Tony G.

Yesterday I played the Omaha high low and it started out pretty boring so it took me a long time to get going but eventually I got going. With about a hundred players left, I got up to about 12,000 in chips after starting with 4000 so I was feeling pretty good. 80% of the field was gone and I was well into the tournament, I just couldn’t win a hand from there on. I busted out again so I’m running deep in every tournament and playing good.

There was an incident yesterday on the table when I played the hi/lo. A dealer made a terrible mistake and my hand was killed so I tried to clear it but I over reacted and some chips were flying but there were no chips flying into the dealer’s face. I saw some comments on 2+2 which are untrue and I’m sorry people feel they have to do that but they do it without the facts. We’ve got all the facts and I’m sure there’ll be a post about what Tony G does. Obviously I over reacted and I gave the dealer a $1,000 tip so he was pretty happy. But anyway, let’s move on from there. Obviously I feel bad and things happen sometimes. But chips flew off the table, not anywhere else.

Today I’ll be playing the $5K six handed NLH and it’s a very strong field with some of the players. I know after the first level I’m well in the game…I’ve got $27K and I started with $10K. I was at a very nice poker table and my table just broke. I’m getting moved to a new one. I’m going to get right into this tournament, it’s my game and I’m feeling very strong. But I’m checking out, I’ll be back later today with my progress in the $5K buy-in.

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