Couple’s double bingo jackpot – and mum won too!


Bingo fan Keith Clare and his girlfriend Julie Midgley are celebrating a double jackpot . . . they each won £1,000 on the same afternoon.

Keith, aged 42, and Julie, aged 40, got lucky when they sat down at the Mecca Bingo in Ashburner Street, Bolton, last Saturday.

It was not long before Keith, a welder from Deane, got a full house and shouted out.

advertisementHe was still counting his winnings when girlfriend Julie struck gold with a full house of her own.

An ecstatic Keith said: “I couldn’t believe it . . . I was celebrating, then in the next game I realised Julie needed just one number. It was 24 – and it came up. She shouted out and we had won again!

“The bingo caller came over to congratulate us and told us it had never happened before. Everyone around us was really nice.”

Then to top it all Keith’s mother, Marie, from Hindley, scooped a £300 prize. Keith and Julie, who works in a sandwich shop in Tonge Moor Road, only started playing Bingo a few weeks ago. It was the first time they had played the game on a Saturday, with their usual bingo trips taking place during the week. The happy couple have spent their winnings by paying for a week’s holiday in Portugal.

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