Bingo jackpot

Congratulations to Susan L who wins the biggest ever GMTV Bingo jackpot – £64,304!

Susan L from Aberdeenshire has won the largest Bingo Gold jackpot on GMTV Bingo.

Lucky Susan has two children and works part time as a supervisor for a local community centre.

She said: “Oh my god, I can’t believe it! I’m shaking. The kids have been jumping all over me.”

“I said today was my last go (to win the jackpot) and thought that if I didn’t win with my 10 cards, that would be it. It’s brilliant. I’m thrilled!”

“It’s the biggest Bingo Gold Jackpot ever? Wow! My kids are so excited. They want to go to Florida and now they can! I can’t wait for the money to go into my account – I’ve never been this lucky before.”

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