Ruby Bingo, the wicked online bingo room

This wicked bingo room is featuring all the best bingo games, including scratchies, slots and poker games, and many prizes and jackpots that are paid-out in pure CASH!!

All the games have dazzling graphics, superb sound effects, instant Game History availability and 24/7 chat options.

With user-friendly features, and superb sound and graphics, there are many promotions and various games to keep the action going with Ruby Bingo. Players can purchase bingo cards for future games, scratch cards, and enjoy other features such as: online help, game history, customized audios, slot machines and video poker.

About Ruby Bingo

Ruby bingo is operated by the InterContinental Casinos group, the gaming arm of an international investment group based in Switzerland and Antigua with expertise in the gaming and computer industries. The InterContinental brand stands behind some of the biggest bingo and casino names on the Internet – names like USA Casino and New York Casino and BingoFun which helped to pioneer Internet gaming and to set standards of probity others strive to match.

Ruby Bingo Bonuses

Ruby Bingo has one of the most generous bonus programs for loyal players. But even as a new Member, they ‘ll more than Double Your Money immediately.

For starters, they’ll give you 110% Bonus on your First Deposit and then 60 Bonuses on all subsequent deposits.

For example: If your first deposit is £30, they’ll add an extra £33 to your bonus account. If you make a subsequent deposit of £30, they’ll add an extra £18 to your bonus account.


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