Blair calls Manchester casino decision a ‘pity’


Prime Minister Tony Blair called Manchester’s selection as a destination for the UK’s first super-casino a “pity”, adding that it was a justified decision, albeit a disappointing one as it was at the expense of Blackpool’s regeneration plans. Speaking in the commons, Blair went on to defend his party’s casino policy, insisting that the developments would bring ‘much needed investment and regeneration to some of Britain¬ís regional cities’.

Blair told the House of Commons that new proposals would be carefully prepared and issued after the May 3 elections. “What we have to do is look very carefully at this issue,” he said, “and recognise that in a world where there is online betting, where there are huge opportunities for people to bet, that casinos are not something that are against the proper norms of society but can, in places like Blackpool and Manchester, bring much needed private investment in (and) regeneration that will provide jobs and higher living standards.”

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