The Grosvernor UK Poker Tour – interview Videos

The Grosvernor UK Poker Tour was hosted this weekend in Cardiff.

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour commenced in January ‘07 in the Lancashire town of Bolton at one of Governors’ newest poker venues. Walsall, London, Manchester and Brighton all play host as the tour makes further monthly pit stops in these well known poker venues.

See two interviews on video, available on Youtube, from Robert made on the 22nd March and Kunkuwap made on the 23rd March.

See Robert Interview video – UK Poker Tour…

See Kunkuwap interview video – UK Poker Tour…

If you wish to take part of the Grosvernor UK Poker Tour, it is not too late, it might even be hosted in your city… Learn more about the Grosvernor UK Poker Tour…

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