Gala Bingo sweet on Nectar


Gala Bingo have announced a new partnership with the Nectar loyalty scheme in a response to minimize the effects of the impending smoking ban due to affect bingo halls in England and Wales.

The new partnership, which is thought to run for three years, will allow Gala Bingo members to rack up Nectar points every time they enter one of Gala bingo’s 170 clubs. It is said to be the first deal of its kind with a Bingo operator.

“When we talk to our members they tell us they really want to be rewarded for their loyalty so we’ve joined forces with the biggest and best rewards scheme in the country to give them what they are asking for,” said Kate Howe, Gala Coral Group marketing director.

Nectar has announced they will also be extending their services further into the leisure-based industry.

“Nectar will be extending its instant swipe technology to a range of leisure-based rewards in the next few months to make it even easier for collectors to redeem for rewards,” said Brian Sinclair, Nectar managing director.

Gala will hope the new service will diminish the effect of the upcoming smoking ban and be sufficient enough to persuade their smoking customers to return to their halls.

The smoking ban, due to be introduced on July 1 in England in Wales, is already in operation in Scotland and has drastic efforts on bingo halls there. According to Gala chief executive Neil Goulden, up to 46 per cent of Gala customers are smokers, illustrating the potential threat of the new ban.

In preparation for the smoking ban, the U.K’s second biggest bingo operator Mecca Bingo, run by Rank Group Plc, has announced it will close nine of its club, losing up to 230 jobs in the process.

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