Crown Bingo Network Becomes Better Bingo Network


As part of its rebranding The Crown Bingo Network has renamed itself The Better Bingo Network so as to better represent its current and planned business operations.

The Crown Bingo Network has renamed itself the Better Bingo Network as part of a re-branding to better reflect its overall business.

The Better Bingo Network consists of three current sites – Simply Bingo, Bingo Loopy and Crown Bingo – with several more sites expected to join the network within the next three months.

Dan Smyth, managing director of the Better Bingo Network, said: “With our network expanding so quickly and so many more sites coming on board we felt that the Crown Bingo brand did not best explain what we are doing.

“We believe our network can offer partners a better deal than any competitor, both in terms of the online bingo experience but also in terms of what we can deliver to our partners. Our record of customer retention and maximising the returns on activity demonstrates why we genuinely feel we are a better bingo network”.

The change in network name also comes at a time when the company claims to be able to offer partners access to the world of online bingo in record time. Dan Smyth said: “From meeting with a potential partner for the first time to them having a fully functional bingo site of their own can now take as little as two weeks. It is clear talking to potential partners that speed to market is absolutely vital to them at the moment.”

New partner sites joining the Better Bingo Network also have access to a wealth of marketing support and resources. Dan Smyth said: “We’ve been doing this a long time now and have a wealth of expertise when it comes to launching and marketing websites. We work closely with our partners to ensure they reach their potential and are on-hand every step of the way.”

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