David Beckham a Favorite to be Spotted First in UK’s Super Casino

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Leave it up to those Euro bookies.  Paddy Power has made glamour boy footballer, David Beckham among the favorites to be spotted first in UK’s first ever super casino.  He’s a 4-1 favorite at PaddyPower.com though Wayne Rooney does have slightly shorter odds at 3-1.

Beckham would pay out £400 for every £100 bet.

PaddyPower has listed odds for Cristiano Ronaldo at 6 to 1, and Alex Ferguson, Roman Abramovich, Jose Mourinho, all at 8 to 1.

Since Shilpa Shetty seems to be making an appearance just about everywhere, her 50 to 1 odds offer some pretty good value we dare say.

Jade Goody, meanwhile, was listed with odds of 100 to 1.

Great Britain’s new super casino is all the rage these days but it’s not without some degree of controversy.

Since the campaign launch, more than 1,400 signatures have been collected through The Gazette’s website and hundreds of readers have also signed petitions and coupons available through the paper.

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