Survey reveals our gambling habits


The results of the biggest ever survey into gambling have been released.

The results show online casino and poker fans play more for excitement and entertainment than to win and the typical amount gambled during a gambling session on the internet is between £15 and £30.

The survey also shows a gender divide as men prefer to play poker while women like to play blackjack.

Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams from the Betting Research Unit said: “The average online gambler is a cross-section of the population.

“It’s the average person in the street, high professionals, manual workers, it’s the same percentage of people who are retired.”

The study claims that poker players are mainly young men who spend between one and two hours online per session and the majority of casino gamblers are middle-aged women.

The majority of those interviewed said they were up or down within a range of £130 per month.

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