Profitable UK Casino Poker Night for Housewife


Put down a quid, pull out GBP 258.000 on one very lucky hand of poker!

Warehouse worker and very lucky poker player Anne Taylor (48) earns GBP 200 a week at a plant in the Yorkshire industrial city of Leeds, UK but after a stunning poker win at Napoleons Casino in the midlands city this week she may be moving up.

The skilled….and lucky poker player walked away from a game with GBP 258 982 after one hand and 15 minutes, competing for a poker jackpot which has built up over three years and was offered to the first player dealt a royal flush.
The mother of two, who had visited the casino for a little entertainment with her husband Robert, bought into the game for GBP 1 and found she had been dealt a hand with the 10, jack, queen, king and ace of hearts.
She said yesterday: “I was staggered. I had to keep checking the cards for a mistake. I put them down and that was it. I’d won. I was shaking.”
Anne Taylor says the windfall will be invested for her retirement, although a celebratory trip to Las Vegas has not been ruled out. “I will probably have a go on the poker tables out there but you won’t catch me gambling it all,” she said.

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