Online Casino Watchdog Completes Industry Wide Survey


The third annual online casinos industry exhibition, the International Casino Exhibition (ICE), will open in London on January 23 and last three days. Floor space, on which online casino and online gaming companies will showcase the latest products in online gaming, will be 40% bigger than last year, bringing excitement and anticipation from the entire market. The exhibition will draw even more interest and attention, as the online casino regulatory board eCOGRA will report its industry-wide survey results. Early reports of “surprises” to appear in the report have everybody in anticipatory-mode.

The online casino survey commissioned by the non-profit organization is the largest ever of its kind. It was carried about around the world, collecting data from over 10,000 respondents in the US, the UK, Germany and Sweden among other countries. With such wide scope it is surely the most important survey to date and will be received as a welcome source for the clearest picture of the state of online casino sites and gamblers. Moreover, it is believed to hold some surprises for those involved in the industry.
eCOGRA has been active in the online casino arena for several years, and has won the Watchdog of the Year award in 2005, voted on by gamblers. The report to be published for the first time at the ICE is called “The Global Online Gambler Report.” While eCOGRA has managed it and will be reporting it to the online casino world, it was carried out in partnership with the gambling research team at Nottingham Trent University and a team from University of Nevada Las Vegas.
Reviewing the gamblers’ perspective, the report will focus on issues of player preferences, favorite online casino games, security, protection and responsible gambling, among other fields. Spiking expectations, eCOGRA CEO Andrew Beveridge said in an early statement that “Early indications are that there will be some surprises in the report.” Online casino companies and the gamblers themselves are looking forward.

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